VSL is the national metrology institute of the Netherlands and maintains and develops a.o. the national standards for electricity, where it focuses on power and energy measurements. VSL acts as project-coordinator with Gert Rietveld as project coordinator.

In the TrafoLoss project, VSL uses its knowledge and technical capabilities to develop a primary reference setup for the calibration of the next generation high-accuracy industrial loss measurement systems. The VSL knowledge in complex uncertainty analysis is applied for development of uncertainty analysis of reactor loss measurements and studies on effects of non-sinusoidal waveforms on the final uncertainty.

The Netherlands  


RISE, Sweden, has long experience of research in high voltage measurements and calibrations, both in-house and on-site in laboratories and in power grid substations and has coordinated several EU R&D projects in this area.

In the TrafoLoss project, RISE realises traceability at better than 5 ppm level in dissipation (or: loss) factor of high-voltage reference capacitors. In addition, RISE will apply its extensive knowledge in the complex uncertainty evaluation in WP3 for the development of uncertainty analysis techniques for reactor loss measurements and the study on the effects of non-sinusoidal test signals on the final accuracy of the loss measurement.



TUBITAK, the National Metrology Institute of Turkey, maintains and develops the national standards for electrical power, DC and AC high voltage and high current metrology. TUBITAK has relevant experiences in power and power related measurements not only with in-situ and on-site calibration services but also with research and development projects.

In the TrafoLoss project, the TUBITAK experience in on-site LMS calibrations is used for determining the accuracy requirements of industrial LMS. TUBITAK furthermore develops a setup for on-site calibration of transformer LMS. A particular aim is to design embedded amplifiers and reference transformers for practical on-site calibrations of loss measurement systems.



VTT is the national metrology institute in Finland. VTT has long experience of research in high voltage measurements and calibrations, both in-house and on-site.

In the TrafoLoss project, VTT develops a suitable voltage sensor for power loss measurements and will implement this sensor in an actual industrial test environment.



EPRO is a manufacturer of high voltage equipment since 1957, including test bay equipment (standard voltage and current transformers) and fully automatic equipment for transformer testing.

In the TrafoLoss project, EPRO uses its high-end manufacturing expertise to produce a prototype advanced loss measurement system meeting the advanced requirements of industry.



PTB has been pioneer in the field of alternating (ac) “Power & Energy Measurements” and “High Voltage Measurement techniques” for almost a century. In the past decade, PTB experts have contributed to a significant series of EU R&D projects in the field.

In the TrafoLoss project, PTB will organize and perform the evaluation of voltage channels of both the industrial LMS and of the reference loss setup developed in the project, via comparison of these new voltage measurement techniques to the PTB primary AC high-voltage reference.