Loss Measurements on Power Transformers and Reactors

Welcome to the website of the EMPIR project TrafoLoss.

By 2020 the EU aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20%. Improving devices that deal with large amounts of energy could significantly contribute to this goal, as even small increases in efficiency can lead to substantial reductions in energy waste. Estimates suggest, for example, that the equivalent of half of Denmark’s total electricity consumption could be saved simply through more efficient grid power transformer designs. To help implement such changes, the European Ecodesign Directive requires power transformer and reactor manufacturers to prove that their products comply with efficiency regulations to reduce grid losses. However, precise and reliable loss measurements remain a challenging task. 

This project has established highly accurate loss measurement systems for transformers and reactors, and has developed prototype devices that significantly reduce measurement uncertainty. By enabling European manufacturers to produce high quality grid components and demonstrate compliance with the Ecodesign regulations, manufacturers will be able to make further steps toward meeting the EU’s 2020 energy objectives.

One of the project outcomes is a guidance document on the calibration of Loss Measurement Systems, which we hope will support manufacturers, utilities and inspectors in ensuring reliable power transformer and reactor loss testing. Further project results can be found here.

The TrafoLoss project is part of the European Metrology Program for Innovation and Research (EMPIR).

Coordinator: Gert Rietveld from VSL
Start: 1 May 2018
End: 30 April 2021